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Why Outsource?

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Thinking about doing your own conversion?

You might think that performing your own conversion is a better and more cost effective choice than using Convert-A-Doc. Here are some issues to consider:

Project Design and Set-Up

Is there a deadline by which your conversion project must be completed? What steps must you take to ensure the deadline is met? How will access to the files be maintained and tracked during the conversion process so that pulled items are not missed?
What about "day forward" documents, how will they be handled? Have you set up a workflow plan to meet your objective(s)? What are all your objectives?

Project Management

Who will manage your entire conversion project? Who will handle the functions that this person normally performs during the management of the conversion? What experience does this person have in conversions? Do you have the equipment to handle the various types of media that you may encounter such as plan sheets, documents, microfiche, microfilm, engineering drawings and aperture cards?

Document Preparation

Do you have the staff to pull all staples and tape up torn documents and plan sheets? What about re-assembly of files? Are they going to purge the files prior to scanning? Will temporary help toss out important papers during the purging process? How many man-hours will it take to perform these tasks? How will you handle the scanning of engineering drawings and full-size plan sets? What about converting your microfilm and microfiche records that you already have? How will you convert any aperture cards that you may have? Can you read the Holerith data that resides on the aperture card?


What type of errors can occur? How can they be avoided? What kind of quality assurance measures have you put into place to minimize errors? What percentage of errors is it reasonable to expect? What is the error rate for using your own staff or temporary help? How do you go about correcting discovered errors?

Conversion Team

Your $8.00 to $10.00 per hour employee really costs the City about $12.80 to $16.00 per hour with workers comp insurance, sick pay, vacation etc. Now re-calculate the amount of hours it would take your staff by the new amounts. When you set the budget for this project, did you take into account the equipment? Did you take into account the extra time for re-scans and indexing corrections?

Reasons for a Professional Conversion...


The error percentage for using untrained temporary help is greater than 20%. We guarantee that our error rate is less than 1.5%.

Project Timeliness

We can complete the conversion process much more quickly than your "in-house" project. We have the ability to scan 24 hours a day with up to 4 separate shifts. This ensures fresh staff members and reduces the amount of errors. Your staff will have interruptions during the scanning process.

Project Supervision

Throughout the duration of your project, Jim Spaulding, Archiving Division Manager will oversee your project. He will personally set up the conversion process based on the criteria you have set forth. Steve Doulames, a registered civil engineer, will help oversee engineering projects that have engineering drawings or plan sheets to convert. Extensive indexing can be done by just reading a drawing. We will also assign a specific person to perform nothing but quality control, ensuring our clients with the best image and indexing possible.

Cost Effective

We will provide you with a firm no obligation quote for your conversion project. Contact us to arrange for a free sample; based on that sample and total quantities we will provide you with, not only a price quote, but a full explanation and project summary explaining the conversion processes to be used for your specific project.
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