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Film Conversions

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Microfiche, Microfilm and Aperture Card Conversions:

We can convert your 16mm and 35mm Microfiche and Microfilm into electronic images, as well as your Aperture Cards including the Holerith code. We will select the best machine to use such as Sunrise, Wicks & Wilson, Mekel, Minolta and Canon for your specific project. Conversions to be done using 100dpi - 600dpi.

Our image cleanup includes deskew, despeckle, cropping and manual image rotation processes.

Images can be OCR'd (optical character recognition) for text searches.

We also can perform manual indexing per your specifications such as drawing number, drawing name, street address, etc.

Image and indexing information can be prepared for importation into any of the following document management systems: LibertyNET, LaserFiche, Questys, OTG, Microsoft SharePoint, FileNET, CanoFile, FileMagic, Alchemy and many others.

Images are to be placed on CD-ROM or DVD disks per client's instructions.

We keep duplicate copies of all CD's delivered to the client so that we may answer questions and re-visit the project in order to add new images or make specified changes per our client's request.

We can also host your images for your Intranet or Internet usage.

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