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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my documents be indexed?

With our database implementation, we will manually enter data about your electronic images into customizable index fields (as many as you desire). Verification and quality control on all index fields will ensure accurate data entry. In addition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology will enable users to search for document images by their textual content as it allows us to create a text file of your electronic image which enables users to search for any word (whole or partial) that occurs in a given document.

Can all of my documents be scanned?

Essentially, any type of document can be scanned; documents as small as receipts and as large as size E drawings can be scanned. For example: blueprints, pictures, posters, brochures, plans and more all can be scanned!

Is there a minimum scanning fee?

No, we base prices on a formula that yields the most cost-effective plan for you; although, we do charge $350.00 as a minimum job fee.

Do you offer a database system so that I may retrieve my images?

Certainly. We even customize the searchable fields; this is based on consultations with you to create the best retrieval system to suit you. Examples of searchable fields include: date created, street address, project name, parcel number, etc.

How much will it cost to convert my documents or microfiche?

The cost is variable depending on the type of conversion and how you desire to set up the retrieval system, however, we strive to meet your goals and your budget. For a free quote, visit this page.

What file format do you use for scanned pages?

While we recommend Group 4 TIFF's as they are widely supported, extremely small in size, and easily multi-paged into a single file, you may choose from nearly any file format including JPG, GIF and PDF in either black and white or full color applications. Feel free to ask if we support your special file format.

Can you OCR documents and convert them to MS Word format? What is the accuracy?

Yes, we can convert your paper documents to editable word processing file formats. The accuracy of which directly correlates with the quality of the original document. OCR software vendors state their accuracy to be near 99.7% with a high-quality original document but typical industrial usage will most likely yield an average of 95-99% accuracy.

What type of image enhancements can you do?

We can de-skew, de-speckle, rotate and mirror images. Further, we can drop background colors and trim or remove borders.

Are there hardware or software requirements?

You should have a Pentium Class PC or higher with at least 32 Mb RAM and 30 Mb available hard disk space. Also, you will need a CD-Rom drive and Windows 95/98 or Windows NT/2000.

How will I access and use scanned images?

Electronic image retrieval is quite simple:
You can view the document on your computer monitor in any image viewer.
You can fax the documents using your computer's fax-modem.
You can email the document.
You can convert the document images into editable text for use with word processors and spreadsheets.
You can print the entire document or only specific pages.

Can I use your CDs with DVD applications?

Yes, Convert A Doc CDs can be read by DVD players; further, we can write your project to DVDs if you so desire.

Can you upload the image files to our server?

Yes, either exclusively or in addition to CD- let us know what you prefer.

How many documents can fit on one CD?

Roughly 16,000 D-sized plans.

How are my scanned documents stored?

We prefer to use CD-R technology to write your electronic images onto a CD. We also support DVD for larger, specialized projects.

After document imaging, can I change the document?

No, the CDs are read-only which keeps your data safe from unwanted editing and deletion. At any time, though, you are able to copy the CD data onto your hard drive and make changes that way- this allows you to always have a working backup of your data.

Is your technology proprietary?

No. Our images (JPG, TIF, GIF, PDF) and our databases (Microsoft Access or your custom database) are exceedingly common and are widely readable.

Do I need to make a contract?

Our scope of services/proposal becomes your active contract. For extended document scanning or specialized services, we will write a contract to include individual rates that will achieve considerable savings.

Will you return my original documents?

Yes. Although, if so desired, we facilitate document destruction.

What if I need access to a document that is in your possession?

Call us at any time, we will pull the desired document out of sequence, scan it and e-mail it to you. 90% of the time, this can be done within one hour. Also, we can fax or next day air the original document to you.

What about microfilm and microfiche conversion services?

We can convert your microfilm and microfiche to electronic images stored on CD-R just as we would with paper documents.

How will microfilm and microfiche conversion help me?

Microfilm and microfiche conversion allows accessibility to multiple users directly from PC, intranet or internet. Customizable search features reduce searching time for your staff. Additionally, you can print, send, or file single images as desired.

What if I have old microfilm or microfiche?

Age makes little to no difference in the conversion process; however, we can manually enhance image quality so that we create the best image for you.

How will you host my documents online?

We can store your electronic documents online on our server in a password protected area. This area is protected with a firewall and an unbreachable security pipeline.

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